Drunk Chick At Lollapalooza Gets A Face Full Of Cement

by 4 years ago

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Sometimes, you hit Lollapalooza, other times, Lollapalooza hits back.

This chick decided to take down her fair share of Personality Juice (as I like to call it) prior to hitting Chicago’s favorite concert series last weekend. And why not?! She’s an adult! She works her ass off (presumably)! She’s earned the right to get a little liquored up!

But I think she might’ve hit the sauce a tad too hard, and what resulted was a face-to-face meeting with the pavement. You knew as soon as you saw her running like a T-Rex that this wasn’t going to end well for her.

My favorite move of drunk fallers is when they just lie there incapacitated for a moment. They’re too drunk to really react and definitely appreciate the time to chill out on the ground. She’s not knocked out, she’s just enjoying some down time before she has to get back up and continue her battle against gravity.

I would be infinitely more into music festivals if I were guaranteed a view of at least three falls like this per event. In fact, that’s not a bad idea. I’m gonna start my own festival where people just get blackout drunk, and sober people can come watch them stumble around and eat shit. Who’s interested?

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