Remember The ‘Drunk Girl In Public’ Video That Made Men Look Like Creeps? Well It Was Super Fake…

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Hey! Remember that “social experiment” video of a drunk girl pretending to stumble around Hollywood Boulevard? You know, the one where a seemingly well-off basic white girl walked around with a beer in a paper bag while creepy guy come up to her and offer to take her back to their place? The one where every single guy in the video looks like a rapist looking to take advantage of a clearly intoxicated girl? You know, this one?

Guess what! As if it wasn’t obvious enough from the very bad, lame exaggerated acting from all parties involved, it’s VERY, VERY fake.

Made by YouTube channel moron Stephen Zhang, clearly the video was trying to spark social commentary on how creepy men can be. In the wake of the NYC cat-calling “experiment” getting millions of YouTube views, clearly cultural climate is ripe for all sorts of lame spin-offs. But the whole thing is blowing up in Zhang’s face, with the men appearing in the video like creepy rapists claiming that they were deceived with the filming of the video and more or less asked to play a part. More or less, Zhang ruined these strangers reputations by telling them their part/lines were for a “comedic sketch.” In reality, the video was edited to make them look like the ultimate creepy dudes. Via The Smoking Gun:

The men shown in the video–each of whom is seen trying to lure Box (seen above) to their residence or vehicle–were recruited by Zhang and sidekick Seth Leach, who, days before the video was shot, wrote on his Facebook page that he was, “Shooting some videos in LA all day Thursday and need a good actress. If you live in Los Angeles or have a friend who does and is an actress, tag them/hit me up!”

According to two sources familiar with the clip’s production, the men in the video were approached on the street to take part in a “comedic, hidden camera” video. One source, who said he declined an invitation to be in the video, told TSG that he was told the production was a “student video.” He added that the film crew did not ask for participants to sign releases or any other “paperwork.”

One of the supposed sleazeballs in the video–an African-American man wearing a green shirt–is a street musician named “Ashtray” who plays buckets on Hollywood Boulevard.

Josh Blaine, the shaggy-haired man wearing sunglasses in the video, drives a Hollywood tour bus. In a message to his Facebook friends, Blaine said that he did “a favor for some camera crew guess this is what I get for being agreeable to someones project.” He added that, “it was supposed to be a funny skit. here’s to watching my back with virtually no friends. fuck my life.”

Koshak’s boss, LA Epic owner Christine Peters, told TSG that “Mokii was taken advantage of” when asked to “say a couple of lines for a comedy sketch.” Peters said, “They made it seem like he was trying to take the girl home.” Since the name of Peters’s company can be seen on Koshak’s t-shirt and hat, Peters said she was upset the firm had been “dragged into it,” since “we don’t condone such behavior.”

In a Facebook post, Koshak (pictured at right) assured friends that the video “was all staged and all of the people in it were acting,” adding that the clip “does not portray myself or any of the other people in it correctly.” He noted that, “it’s a false ass portrayal and I was lied to about what the video even was. Faulty ass shit.”

Here’s where it gets really fucked up. When one of the men hit up Zhang’s producer/sidekick Seth Leach about the reputation damage this deception is going to do to him, Leach hit him back with the most douchey, overconfident 22-year-old kid response I’ve ever heard in my life:

In response to those protestations, Leach, 22, sent Koshak a private Facebook message acknowledging that the video was staged. “The important thing to consider,” Leach wrote, “is that this video is going to get you well known and have a future with us and our company.”

After promising Koshak a night of free drinks, Leach said, “We are going to be huge and you are apart of it. Just go with it dude, you are in our team now and we will take care of you.”


“Bro! You totally are part of something bigger than yourself now that we made you look like a scumbag rapist by deceiving you without your consent. Don’t be a buzzkill and just, like, roll with it man! It’s the Internet! Think about your career!”

This is EXACTLY what caricatures of slimy Hollywood producers and casting agents say. Just me or does anyone else smell lawsuits a-coming? I hope they band together and get some reparations for that character damage.

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