Drunk Girl Loses A Bet, Pukes Her Brains Out While Trying To Eat A Can Of Oysters

Do you like oysters? I like oysters. They taste delicious! David can go fuck himself with his opinions on delicious, wonderful shellfish. Mmmmmm. Oysters.

Oysters in a can, however? Yeah, no thanks. I like mine straight out of a shell, shucked in close proximity to me. And chased with beer and hot sauce. But mostly beer. Lots and lots of beer. They’re good for your sex drive, after all.

This extremely drunk girl decided to open up a can of shady grocery store oysters of questionable origin. Hell, those oyster beds were probably in toxic sludge in the South China sea or something. Not a fan of frutti di mare, she proceeds to puke her brains out for almost five straight minutes. She ends up losing a bet and having to chill in a bathroom with a spider.

I don’t really know the point of it all. I just know that the British have some weird, sadistic tendency to get YouTube views. Hope she re-hydrates properly after all that puking

Also, what the hell is that bottle of liquor she’s drinking? Is that some foreign equivalent to Two Buck Chuck?

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