Watch This Drunk Guy Fall Out Of A Golf Cart And Be Happy That At Any Given Moment You Are 10 IQ Points Above Him

That’s 10 IQ points above him when he’s drunk – not necessarily when he’s sober. For all we know this guy is a NASA engineer who just happens to enjoy getting shitfaced and spilling out of golf carts in his spare time, in which case I’m sorry but he’s definitely smarter than you.

But in the likely event that he’s not a rocket scientist and is actually just some drunk dude who got too turnt for a golf cart one day, be happy! It’s always nice to be able to point to someone and say “Hey, I’ve never fallen out of a golf cart. I’ve never gotten so drunk I couldn’t handle staying in a seat. I am officially smarter and less sloppy than this guy!” In which case, congrats – you and I are both happily above the low bar of life that this guy has set.