Watch This Drunk Idiot With A Gun And Learn Why You Should Never Handle Guns When You’re Drunk, An Idiot, Or Both

by 4 years ago

SPOILER ALERT: he didn’t die. Sorry! I know you and I were both wishing super-dooper hard for this guy to show himself the way out of our gene pool, but it looks like he’s here to stay for now, at least. Maybe next time we’ll get a video of him trying to fire a rifle, then when it jams he puts the barrel eye-level with himself to see what’s wrong and accidentally blows his brains out. Mmmmmmm, my FAVORITE things to have in a video: stupidity, gore, and having the quality of the video be so grainy it’s like they filmed it using a cabbage.

Or he could just, y’know…stop playing with guns while intoxicated. But don’t mind me – I’m just over here, spitballin’ ideas that’ll keep you in the land of the living. Nothing important; nothing worth listening to. Please, continue experimenting with ways to casually brush death’s hair without catching his attention. I’m sure that will work out well for you.

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