Have You Ever Been So Drunk In Vegas That You Started Humping A Yard Cup?

by 5 years ago



Vegas, Baby! Vegas! The place where being black out on a Tuesday night at 3AM is perfectly normal. This drunk Bro found himself in a lounge where a guy with a Afro wig was singing Bee Gees covers. In the spirit of being black out in Vegas, he started hump the shit out of the closest thing he could find: The yard cup in his hand. The crowd seems to be enjoying every second of it, too.

Chalk it up to just another solid night in Sin City. By the looks of it, he’s about two minutes away from turning that yard cup into a full-on Fleshlight. It looks like he’s rocking sweat pants too, which make for an awkward boner situation when he finally stops taking the cup to happy town.

Have you ever seen a man so pleased with himself? On one hand, it sucks how smartphones really have ruined the Vegas experience, on the other hand — this is hilarious. What happens in Vegas ends up the laughing stock of the entire Internet.










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