Drunk Man Attempts To Sexually Assault A Pumpkin, But Jack-O’-Lantern Gets Last Laugh

I’m not certain, but it didn’t appear that this pumpkin or the scarecrow gave consent to this inebriated gentleman to have his way with them. But that didn’t stop this monster from sexually assaulting both of them.

After this pumpkin pumper fucks the scarecrow so hard that the gourd attached falls to the ground, he stops his sexual assault. He looks around, and the fellow pumpkins take his legs out and the deviant falls on his face.

Why couldn’t this drunk just go home and jack his own gourd?

Let’s ask my dad what he thinks of this awful situation, “If this guy doesn’t stop pumping, he’s gonna turn that pumpkin into a squash.” Thanks for the dad joke, pop.

If you absolutely must fuck a pumpkin this Halloween season, please do it the proper way.