Drunk Passes Out on Sidewalk, Gets Robbed Multiple Times and Arrested

by 7 years ago

We've all been there, had way too many drinks at the bar, black out, and then pass out in a strange place. However usually you make it back to someone's house and crash on the bathroom floor and not on the sidewalk on a main street. 38-year-old Sergio Palacios was left the bar La Dulce Vita in Port Chester, N.Y. and staggered for awhile before passing out on the sidewalk on Main Street. Soon after collapsing, passer-bys begin to riffle through Sergio's pockets and steal his wallet. Throughout the night pedestrians steal everything, his chain, his belt, and even removing his shoes and socks to see if there was any money hidden. The multiple robberies were all caught on a security camera. Palacios finally awoke from his drunken around 6 AM and stumbled onto private property and the police were called. He was then arrested for trespassing. Cops are reviewing the video to find suspects. One local resident said, “It’s not uncommon to find people drunk under cars rolled for their money. It’s quite common.” So he started at a bar called “The Sweet Life,” gets robbed from head to toe, and gets arrested to boot. Talk about a sh*tty night.