Drunk Man Bet He Can Smash Beer Bottle Over His Head, Nearly Concussed Himself Trying To Win $25

If you are making a bet when you are intoxicated there is a 96.4 percent chance that you are making a grave mistake. Your beer muscles are flexing and your alcohol-fueled confidence is writing checks that your body probably can not cash. Take this gentleman for instance, he swears that he can smash a beer bottle over his head. Guess what? He can’t.

The person recording this spectacle of stupidity bet the drunken fool $25 that he couldn’t break a beer bottle over his head. The intoxicated shit-for-brains gladly and regrettably accepts the bet. And seconds later, the man attempts to shatter the glass beer bottle over his head. Absolutely no damage is done to the beer bottle. The same can not be said of the man’s noggin as he rubs it in pain. The cameraman cackles in delight. The man attempts again and once again there is no damage to the bottle, but our fearless sot falls to the ground in agony after this unsuccessful attempt.

The man takes a timeout to remember what month it is and what planet he lives on. At this point he must be wondering if the bottle is made of intelligence and that is why it absolutely does nothing whenever he puts it near his head.

He purposely delays about two minutes for his third attempt until a neighbor comes out and says that he can’t bust the bottle over his head. The fool replies, “Man, I’m the motherfucking truth!” Then he swings the impervious bottle at his head and again all you hear is the clink of glass hitting cranium and not breaking. The truth is hard, but apparently not as hard as that bottle. Guess it’s true what they say, black don’t crack. One of the many highlights is hearing how happy the entire neighborhood is after seeing this man make a fool of himself, it sounds like everyone in a three-mile radius is bursting into laughter.

On the bright side, absolutely no brain cells were harmed by this gentleman attempting to break the bottle over his head.