Drunken Man Unharmed After He’s Run Over by 26 Rail Cars

by 7 years ago

The man, from Crowsnest Pass, Alta., was spotted between the rails just outside of Elko in southeast British Columbia by the Canadian Pacific train conductor who sounded the horn and hit the emergency brakes.

The train couldn’t stop in time and rode over the man. By the time it stopped, he was found by CP personnel under the 26th rail car.

“The guy seemed to wake up and he got up, grabbed his beer and headed on his way,” said RCMP Sgt. Dave Dubnyk.

Unbelievably, he avoided major injuries.

“He’s of fairly slight stature and the train went completely over top of him. Amazingly, I don’t know how you wouldn’t wake up even being that passed out drunk, how you wouldn’t wake up from that train rumbling over top of you with the brakes screeching.”

Canadian Pacific police are investigating and no charges have been laid against the man.

There’s been tragic stories in the past of people passing out on railway tracks and they lose limbs or their lives,” said Dubnyk.

“I’ve never seen the likes of it. Until this, I wouldn’t have known that a person could actually fit under (there) especially the engine of the train. They look like there’s very minimal clearance.”

Incredible. I guess that feeling of invincibility that comes with intoxication is to be trusted.

Also, people from Canada are awesome. This is just yet another example of their unmatched toughness.

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