Dude Cracks Open A Girl’s Skull By Hitting Her Upside The Head With A Skateboard In Street Fight

by 3 years ago

You can’t really see what’s going on in this video, but by golly can you hear it. THWWWUMP. Crack. Right up side the skull.

16-year-old Brooklyn Smith was on the receiving end of that blow above for, allegedly, being in a part of town rival skateboarders told her to avoid.

Which, by teen logic, most certainly merits a slug to the skull. (Note: by any normal, human logic, walking somewhere in the world does not). Friendly reminder, teens are terrible.

Smith had a four-inch long gash in her head which required staples. Her boyfriend was also injured, losing a tooth and needing nine stitches.

Police are seeking two assailants wanted for the assault.

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