Flavor Flav Lookin’ Dude Gets Ladled Real Hard In This Chinese Restaurant Fight

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Flav is a veteran shit talker. That’s evident right off the bat. He does the standard shit talking – telling him to come outside, calling him a bitch, threatening to “break” him in front of the cops. But he also throws in some curveballs that makes this shit talking distinctly his own – he asks the guy to spell “courage,” he informs him that big things come in small packages and asks if he’s “ready to unwrap this wrapping,” and then finally resorts to trying to take a wheel off the delivery bike in order to get the guy to finally engage. That is just master showmanship.

And what does Flav get for all his troubles? He finally lures the guy out of his cage, just to come face to face with one of the most formidable ass-kicking squads ever to be assembled –

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I bet he wished he could’ve just tapped out at that point, but he was in too deep. And boy does he pay mightily for his recklessness. Ladles, spoons, plungers, Flav gets all of it right to the grill. They treat Flav like a Peking duck; he should just consider himself lucky that he wasn’t strung up in the window with his neck broken.

PS – Has anyone ever done less in a fight, while pretending like they were helping as much as the Mexican dude with the plunger?

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He reminds me of me during my frat pledging. Whenever we had to do any cleaning, I would just walk around with a broom and make it look like I was doing something, when really I was just kinda walking around with a broom. Carry around an implement and move around a lot, and people will think you’re helping. If you pay close attention to him, all he really does is run around in the background. You ain’t foolin’ me, dude.


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