How ‘Bout This Dude Posing As A Lesbian On Online Dating Websites To Meet Chicks?

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It’s tough to meet chicks these days. I know from experience. After hitting a bunch of dead-ends, you force yourself to try and get creative with your new methods for meeting women. One thing I’d never considered – posing as a lesbian on online dating websites. Of course, it was right in front of us the whole time!

The Daily Mail reports that 20-year-old Luke Potter did just that. How’d it work out for ‘ol Potty? Was he able to somehow weasel himself into a lesbian orgy, and when he showed up and revealed himself to actually just be a creepy dude, they were so overcome by what a boss he was that they all instantly became straight and banged him out? NOT QUITE!

One of the girls whose Facebook pics he snagged to make his profile saw that her photo was being used on a dating website. She created a fake profile of her own, and used it to get Potter to send over his digits, which she promptly turned over to the police. Classic double catfish!

Potter was already placed on the sex offender registry back in April for requesting nudes from teen girls, but he is one resilient sonofabitch. I’m really not sure what he thought would happen here. Let’s say he convinced one of these hot lesbians to meet up with him. When he shows up and reveals that he is not, in fact, a hot lesbian, did he think they would just be like, “well, I already took the bus here, so let’s go bone.”

Think through your tactics, gentlemen.

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