The Dude Who Predicted Metrosexuals Says Spornosexuals Are Next

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The year was 1994 and people dressed like this:


But one man knew this trend of baggy jeans and ill-fitting shirts and colorful vests was on the way out. Queer Eye for the Straight Guy was ten years away, but journalist Mark Simpson had this to say:

“Metrosexual man, the single young man with a high disposable income, living or working in the city (because that’s where all the best shops are) is perhaps the most promising consumer market of the decade.”

That was a pretty darn accurate prediction. Now, I’d say every male under the age of 45 has a bit of metrosexual in them. What does the man who called that with startling clarity have to say about the future?

Simpson says it’s no longer just about looking good. It’s about being sexy.

With their painstakingly pumped and chiselled bodies, muscle-enhancing tattoos, piercings, adorable beards and plunging necklines it’s eye-catchingly clear that second-generation metrosexuality is less about clothes than it was for the first. Eagerly self-objectifying, second generation metrosexuality is totally tarty. Their own bodies (more than clobber and product) have become the ultimate accessories, fashioning them at the gym into a hot commodity – one that they share and compare in an online marketplace.

This new wave puts the “sexual” into metrosexuality.

I would agree. This generation of male is extremely body-obsessed. More so than any I can recall. Simpson has even got a catchy name for it.

But for today’s generation, social media, selfies and porn are the major vectors of the male desire to be desired. They want to be wanted for their bodies, not their wardrobe. And certainly not their minds.

Let’s call them “spornosexuals”.

I’d argue with him, but in 1994, I’d never heard of a metrosexual. This guy knows what he’s talking about.

All hail the spornosexual.

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