Dude Smokes Weed With His Grandma For The First Time, Asks If She Watches Porn

by 2 years ago

We’ve seen grandmas smoking weed with fellow grandmas – as seen here and here. But grandmas smoking weed with other grandmas is old hat. In 2017, the new hotness is a grandma smoking weed with her grandson.

Cut Video features a series titled “Strange Buds” (Get it?) where people from different backgrounds get blazed together. In this episode, a gentleman named Andrew tokes up with his nana Helen.

Helen claims she has never smoked marijuana before.

Suuuuuuuure… it’s grandma’s first time she smoked. Why hasn’t Helen coughed once?

It could be because Helen isn’t inhaling and keeps blowing weed clouds into her grandson’s face. Way to waste the whole joint nana.

Andrew gets so baked that 35 minutes later he is asking his grandma if she watches porn.

Not sure how that question was relative to the social experiment or why Andrew wanted to know if his nana watches BBC (Not the British Broadcast Corporation) vids.

After Andrew opened that shocking porndora’s box about his grandma watching fuck flicks, she informs him that she is going to watch a dirty movie when she gets home. Go gradnma get your freak on!

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