The Fact That This Dude Survived This Insane Muscle Car Drag Race Crash Is Enough To Make Me Believe In God

by 4 years ago

If I ever decide to go into priesthood (lol), I plan on showing miracles like this on a big screen for the entire service while passing around red wine (sorry *Jesus’ blood) for my disciples to get turnt on. I won’t even open a Bible. Reeding is overrated.

Videos like these are living testaments that God may probably sorta exist. Reading Bible verses about Jesus performing miracles over 2,000 years ago makes me believe in God as much as I believe my fat drunk at the family BBQ telling me about all the tail he pulled when he was my age. Pretty sure he’s still a virgin. No offense, Mary.

And not for nothing, Jesus, but like, what have you done for me lately? As much as I want to believe you cured some dude’s leprosy and turned water into wine, pics or it didn’t happen, brah.

*Gets struck by lightning and sent immediately to the seventh circle of Hell*

Jk, Jesus. Love you. Still waiting on that encore, bud.

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