This Dude Taking Out A Thug With His Mobility Scooter Is Your New Internet Hero

mobility scooter thug

YouTube - Rob Zero

So here’s the story… an Australian news team was in Sweden shooting a TV report on the number of migrants in the Stockholm suburb of Rinkeby.

Nothing real exciting there, but then a group of thugs decided to up the ante by attacking the news crew.

That’s when a random dude on a mobility scooter went to steppin’ or well, rollin’ and decided to hell with all this nonsense, gunned his Rascal and tried to mow down one of the tough guys who were picking on the news team.

That’s right. A dude on a mobility scooter tried to run over a dangerous thug and just like that I now have a new person to look up to in life.

Watch and be amazed at the balls on this guy…

I’m not sure who is cooler, the scooter guy or this girl and her killer magic trick…


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