Douchebags Who Stopped Traffic To Do A Photoshoot In NYC Are Given A Healthy Dose Of Street Justice

by 2 years ago

Before I begin, I think it’s pertinent information that you know that the dude who posted this video is a YouTube quote prankster unquote who may very well have staged this scene all in the name of followers. This is likely when you consider two things: 1.) Taking a photoshoot in the middle of New York City is like locking all the stall doors in a Taco Bell bathroom. It takes a whole other level of douchey self-unawareness to follow through with this plan. 2.) No one actually carries a baseball bat in their trunk. This cliche is so played out it reeks of unimaginative bullshit.

But, I am certainly not one who is qualified to distinguish between real and fake considering I thought for two years that my ex-girlfriend was actually orgasming when she would emphatically moan. Turns out, I was just squishing her with my dad bod and she was squealing to catch her breath. Anyhoo, if this video is real, there simply wasn’t enough damage done. I’m all for street justice, but delivering only one hole to the windshield is like giving someone probation for murdering the Pope. These two dipshits deserved a Tim Tebow home run swing to the chins.

Moral of the story: If this is fake, these dudes are douchebags and if it’s real these dudes are douchebags. These dudes are douchebags.

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