Dunkin Donuts Does The Exact Opposite Of Starbucks, Shits Out Holiday Cheer All Over Their Cups

by 3 years ago


If you want to get an accurate measure as to where we are at as a society, look at the crop of dipshit presidential candidates we have to choose from, or just consider the fact that people actually give a fuck about how holiday-oriented cups are at coffee shops.

I’m all for not being PC about Christmas — let’s put Christ back in Christmas, Babaaaaay! — but this cup bullshit is pathetic, right? Caring that Starbuck chose to have a plain red cup for 2015, rather than something chocked full of holiday cheer, is pathetic. For Christ’s sakes, the cup is still red and green. Last I checked, those are the colors of Christmas. WHAT MORE DO YOU MOTHERFUCKERS WANT FROM THEM? (Other than, ya know, better tasting coffee at more affordable prices.)

Let the fact that people are OUTRAGED at Starbucks over their plain red holiday cups marinate for a second. And then realize that they’re cups. CUPS! Stupid ass coffee cups that should have no baring on your day. Don’t you people have anything else to do with your worthless lives than complain about this?

Plus, I’ve got news for you. Compared to the sleek, minimalist Starbucks cups, these newly-released Dunkin Donuts cups, look like something you’d receive if you were a low-class slob who bought their coffee at a 7-11.

Just look at these Starbucks cups.


Are you fucking kidding me? They reek of sophistication and holiday cheer. Meanwhile, Dunkin Donuts is playing in the bush leagues. “Oooo our holiday cups say JOY, we love Christmas.” Go fuck yourself, Dunkin.

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