Elderly WWII Veteran Who Survived The Battle Of Dunkirk Goes To See ‘Dunkirk’ In The Theater

Over the weekend, Dunkirk reigned supreme at the Box Office. The Christopher Nolan film depicting one of the darkest WWII moments for British forces is based on actual events. The Battle of Dunkirk took place on the beaches of Dunkirk, France, where 330,000 Allied troops were rescued and ferried across the English Channel.

243 of the 861 rescue vessels were sunk during the rescue operation. Over 68,000 British soldiers were killed, wounded, or captured at Dunkirk. An unknown number of French soldiers were killed and captured during the battle, and 1,000 civilians lost their lives at Dunkirk.

Most people cannot even begin to fathom what it was actually like being in uniform on that beach, fearing for your life. But this WWII veteran was there, he fought at the Battle of Dunkirk, and many of his friends lost their lives that day. To hear him talk about seeing this film after all of those years. Saying that the film jogged his memory and it was like he could see his friends from when he was 20-years-old…This is heavy stuff. (h/t r/videos)