Durex Won’t Say If This Pumpkin Spice Flavored Condom Is Real Or Not. Wait. People Use Flavored Condoms?


Flavored condoms. How baffled I am that they exist. I get the need for safe sex, but are people actually getting blow jobs while wearing condoms? Is that what people do in 2014? Get blow jobs WHILE WEARING CONDOMS. Utterly stupefying.

/thinks about it some more

/really tries to understand the allure

/comes to final conclusion

Yep, still perplexed by it.

However, if you are down with giving or receiving fellatio with a rubber on, then these pumpkin spice condoms that are rumored to be coming out from Durex might just be right up your alley. Although the company refuses to confirm or deny that they will actually ever exist.

According to Quartz

Several emails to Durex’s parent company, Reckitt Benckiser, and Virgo Health, the PR company that handles communications for Durex, didn’t yield a conclusive answer. A spokeswoman for Virgo Health said she couldn’t say whether the company was or was not actually developing such a thing.

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