U.S. Map Show What Each State ‘Googles’ the Most — The Results Are Quite Odd

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Delaware…the only state with enough balls in its sack to Google itself more than any other keyword or phrase. As for the rest of us, we have some ‘splaning to do. Glue Sniffing. Meth. Do I Have Herpes? David Hasselhoff. Nickelback. Mazda Miata (really, Florida?). And my personal favorite, which comes from Washington (the state) UNICORN TATTOOS. Are teenage girls named Destiny the only people allowed to access the Internet in Washington? I don’t even know how Unicorn Tattoos crack the top 1000 in any state. Truly baffling to me.

I have trouble believing these are the most Googled things. I really do. But according to Estately, they are. And on their site they have a longer run down detailing more things that are popular on Google to the residents of each state. I’m not so sure I want to even bother with looking that.

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