According To The World Of Porn, Here Are 12 Of The Easiest Ways To Get Laid

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Easiest Ways To Get Laid


Once again the fine folks over at the always riveting “Ask Reddit” have provided us with some juicy information that will both inform as well as entertain.

As is often the case, today’s subject matter revolves around sex.

Redditor First_Redditor_Ever posed this question to the always brutally honest anonymous masses, “According to porn, what’s the easiest way to get laid?

Before I get to the responses, how many of these do you think you can guess ahead of time?

Get caught masturbating. ~ TopGunnn

Walk in on two women already having sex. That’s why I never knock. ~ bazooked

Fail a test and stay after class for tutoring. ~ MrNotSoStrangeLove

Use the line: “You’re going to be working with a male talent today. That’s going to be me. Now, I can’t just sell another pretty face. Producers need to see that a girl will go the extra mile…” ~ tindlerthrowaway

Be a pizza delivery guy or pool cleaner. ~ tobycujo

Walking into a neighbourhood and knocking on any door. Most likely you will be greeted by a naked woman covered by the towel, with D size breasts and tone of makeup on their face, screaming for your dick. Or be a pizza delivery guy. ~ AjjQ

Own a black leather couch in a white-walled room. ~ iamlogris

Step 1: Be bald. Step 2: Be anything you want to be (e.g. a doctor, teacher, pizza delivery guy, plumber, etc.) ~ pm_your__ladyparts

Salesperson with lots of discounting. Landlord to a poor sexy college girl. ~ muddah_f

Get caught spying on your hot stepmom. ~ Deathstroke317

Go over to your buddies house when he’s not there. ~ Subspinipes

Top answer?

Have a vagina, do literally anything. ~ flimsyairplanes

How many did you get? Any you’d add? Drop ’em in the comments below.

Check out the rest of the responses and equally fascinating comments over at Reddit.

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