25-Year-Old Bro Eats Steak For Breakfast For 12 Weeks And Loses 75% Of His Body Fat

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Red meat is fucking amazing, even though it’s bad for your butthole (…though debatable!) and killing the entire planet. Fuck that noise! It cures hangovers. It’s delicious. It brings a smile to Ron Swanson’s cold, wretched heart.

For 25-year-old Londoner Matt Hoather, red meat is making him thin AF, according to the Mirror. Part of his diet includes crushing steak for breakfast every single morning, along with leaning up on his dinner choices.

He stopped eating pre-made shop sandwiches at lunchtime and convenient dinners, instead making protein-loaded meals like chicken breast and broccoli and salmon, sweet potato and spinach – while also eating steak for breakfast instead of his usual Crunchy Nut.

He also started actually working out, according to the Mirror, so it’s not like crushing a ribeye for breakfast is *exactly* what made him lose weight and bulk up. You don’t have to be a genius to realize that the recipe for losing weight is eating right + exercise.

Still — Steak for breakfast every morning. Sign me up for that diet.

Go read about what he did over at The Mirror…

What it takes to get as jacked as The Rock:
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