Pissed Off Bro is Selling His Friend’s Clothes On ebay, Because His Friend is a Horrible House Guest

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Per the reader email that just came in:

Subject: Revenge of the Bro

Message: My best friend, from LA, flew in to visit (Boulder) over New Years break this year. He can sometimes be stingy and be high maintenance. I let him crash at my house when I was away on a work trip the last two day he was visiting. He proceeded to sleep in my bed his last night, and when I arrived home I found his dirty clothes all scattered in my messy bed. One week later he called me and asked me to mail his clothes back clean. For the next two months he has been imploring me to send his v neck, bball shorts and Silk boxers ASAP as if he did not have any other substitutes in his wardrobe. I’m usually bad at remembering to send packages so to satisfy his demands and cure my forgetfulness I decided to place all of his clothes on sell on ebay at a starting bid of .01 cents. I led him to believe this whole week I was giving him a “surprise” on Thursday. He was alerted about the ebay sale over Facebook. My hope is to send you this story so you publish the link of my ebay sale (expires in 4 days) so we could drive this price up! Thanks BroBible.

What. A. Pal. And so thoughtful of him to include a photo of his buddy sipping a martini on the ebay ad.

Look, I get it. This guy opened his house so his friend could have a FREE place to stay even though he wasn’t going to be in town and all the friend could do in return was leave his place looking like shit and then burden him with a shipping assignment? Now, I’m not saying he should sell his friend’s clothes to the highest bidder because his friend is an inconsiderate prick…but I understand if he does.

Click here to go to ebay and help drive up the price. 

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