Here Are 7 Tips To Combat That Pesky Erectile Dysfunction Guys Experience But Don’t Like To Admit

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Having problems getting an erection with a new girlfriend? Don’t worry, it’s not the PornHub.

Can’t get hard on that one night stand? No need to get rid of the Bang Bros.

PORN is not the reason for young men being unable to get an erection… I’m tired of hearing this theory.

Being unable to get an erection before sex is due to performance anxiety 99.9% of the time, or a mental block to arousal. It’s happened to me on a number of occasions, and has happened to almost every man I know, at least once in their life, if not numerous times over the years.

And thanks to the internet, where fabricated diagnoses can spread like wildfire, we now have a new culprit to pin this very common mental problem on… and even better, a very creative “medical term”:

Porn-Induced Erectile Dysfunction

Well… considering that science has found that porn in no way negatively affects erections (and has actually shown that men who watch porn have better erection quality and stronger desire for their partner), whoever was the Einstein behind this theory should be taken out to a field and….

Don’t blame it on Brazilian Butts! What harm have they caused.

I personally love porn, and have found it to spark the mental horniness in my mind… almost like exercising a muscle. While sex with the same woman for long periods can get monotonous, and I don’t condone cheating (hey, it’s your prerogative), seeing and “experiencing” a different flavor every now and then (without actually stepping out on your lady) is not all that bad!

And definitely not the cause for your psychological ED!

How to Overcome This Mental Block Erectile Dysfunction Without Shunning XVideos

If you ever face this mental block to getting it up, just know this: the problem is very common in men of all ages, but especially younger men.

If you wake up in the morning with wood (even if not every day), than you’re issue is not physical… your machinery works. Have confidence in it.

Follow these tips to get harder erections when nervous:

  1. Work on getting as MENTALLY aroused as possible, and don’t even think about your erection… it knows what to do. Just let your body send the signal.
  1. Take your time… don’t rush. Rushing increases anxiety, anxiety kills arousal.
  1. Admit you are anxious. We call get anxious before sex… we’re all human. Admitting you’re anxious helps you work through it. Denying you are anxious allows it to plague your system without you seeing it happening.
  1. Stand up during foreplay, as opposed to laying down… something about the gravity helps your soldier stand at attention easier.
  1. Get her hand and put it on your parts during foreplay… this helps you get that outside “jolt of electricity” that really helps kickstart the situation.
  1. Once semi-hard, slap your penis against her leg or other parts until it is “fortified”.
  1. Don’t rush to put on the condom… take your time, and keep the mental arousal high during this time.

And stay away from Viagra! That’s a trap! While you cannot become physically dependent on Viagra, you CAN become mentally depend on it, and feel like you won’t be able to function without it. Not good.

Learn to beat the problem in the mind, and it will never bug you again… and you can get back to watching your 8th Street Latinas without guilt (or at least any extra guilt)!

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