An Elderly Woman Took It Upon Herself to Restore an Historic Fresco, and This Was the Result

by 6 years ago

When people went to check on the fresco, they discovered the restoration had already been taken care of. An unidentified elderly woman had taken care of everything, no problem at all. Her finished work, undertaken “with good intentions,” transformed the painting from the original version on the left to the beaut on the right.

Unfortunately, some people had an issue with the enthusiastic lady's Cubist interpretation of the traditional fresco. As the Independent puts it: 

The photograph shows the image transformed beyond recognition, with a childlike reworking of Jesus’ face, broad brush strokes removing any subtlety from the clothing and thick layers of red and brown paint covering several key details, including the crown of thorns.


Ouch. Haters gonna hate, Gram. We think you did the church a solid.

H/T: Gawker