Emily Ratajkowski Has 200 Nude And Intimate Photos Leaked From iCloud Hack

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Emily Ratajkowski is once again a victim of a digital attack that has leaked as many as 200 nude and intimate photos of the supermodel. The online hacking was apparently done in much the same style as The Fappening, which stole pics of Ratajkowski as well as other celebrities such as Jennifer Lawrence, Kate Upton, Kaley Cuoco, Kirsten Dunst, Aubrey Plaza, Rihanna, and Avril Lavigne back in 2014 by gaining access to their iCloud accounts.

A link to over stolen 200 photos of Ratajkowski was offered to Daily Star columnist Helen Wood.

She wrote an article as to why she refused to publish the photos:

“Last week, I was pondering along through life, when I received a DM on Twitter. No idea who this guy was, but had a peek all the same out of curiosity. Turns out, it was a link to Emily Ratajkowski’s iCloud pictures. This clown had inboxed me and asked that I release the full set of naked images in my column. To be clear, this wasn’t footage of a randy star salivating at the mouth wanging their bits about while fishing for a random on Skype for a sex sesh. This was private stuff, sent between two people.”

“A lot of people who were victims of that said anyone who looks at these pictures should feel guilty, but I just don’t think that’s fair,” Ratajkowski told GQ magazine regarding The Fappening hack. “I think once it’s out there, it’s out there, and I’m not sure that anyone who Googles it is necessarily a criminal. I think the people that stole the photos are.”

The Fappening hacker, Ryan Collins, was sentenced to 18 months in federal prison in October. The 36-year-old man from Lancaster, Pennsylvania, pleaded guilty to federal hacking charges and admitted to a two-year phishing scam to gain passwords of more than 100 people back in 2014.

“In some cases, Collins would use a software program to download the entire contents of the victims’ Apple iCloud backups,” Pennsylvania US attorney Bruce Brandler said. “In addition, Collins ran a modeling scam in which he tricked his victims into sending him nude photographs.”


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