Doomsday Prediction Says The World Is Ending In Two Weeks

The world is ending on May 31st, just two weeks from today. At least according to this video on YouTube titled ‘End of The World-Something Big Will Happen On Earth May 31, 2017’ which has been viewed 1.25 MILLION times since October 31st of last year.

The video has picked up steam in recent days thanks to headlines like ‘the world’s going to end in a massive earthquake on May 31’ from worldwide news outlets like Metro UK.

Will the world be ending two weeks from today? Probably fucking not. This is the kind of stuff that wacko tin-foil hat conspiracy theorists get off on. But, on the off chance that we’re all dead in two weeks because of a massive earthquake eruption I will say that it has been a pleasure dealing with you trolls over the years, and likewise I appreciate you bros indulging me in every stupid ass and inane thought I have.

Something of note, there were FOUR earthquake eruptions in Italy earlier this year with multiple casualties. Scientists also claim that a supervolcano eruption is ready to go off anytime in Italy. The Hekla Volcano in Iceland, the land of Ice and Fire, is also ready to blow at any moment. Will these be the eruptions that end mankind? How the fuck should I know? I don’t read the tea leaves or crystal ball.

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