Enjoy Kate Upton’s Banned Zoo York Commercial

by 7 years ago

The alluring Kate Upton has shown that she is extremely marketable. Her “talents” have sold everything from burgers and energy drinks to magazines and video games. Now the Sports Illustrated cover girl will lend her curvaceous body to sell skateboards and clothing for Zoo York. 

Upton is joined by the hilarious Zoo York cockroaches who clearly don't have their priorities straight as they are more concerned with checking out skateboarding dudes instead of the voluptuous Kate Upton who is stretching and bouncing near by.

The commercial is set to debut in early April, but we have a sneak peak for you. The sexy advertisement will debut on cable networks and online, but has already been rejected by MTV and Turner Entertainment’s, Adult Swim Network. Adult Swim and MTV who have deemed it to be too risqué and don't care for bleeped profanity.  That doesn't mean that you can't watch the sh*t out of it here though.


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