Here Are 17 Entertaining Stoner Stories About People Doing Stupid Stuff After Smoking The Marijuana



Stoners. One minute you’re chillin’ to re-runs of Squid Billies on Adult Swim, the next you’re counting the number of Coco Puffs you can get in a spoon. Every stoner has an amusing tale from their smoking adventures, so I thought we’d share 17 entertaining ones from the Whisper deep thoughts sharing app. If you have a fantastic smoking story, share it in the comments for the Brommunity.

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I found a note from my roommate when I was high asking me to feed her cat. So I made it a sandwich.

I got so high last night, I made a "coming out video" for my mom.  I'm not even gay. And I don't remember any of this.

When I was stoned I bought a kids plastic swimming pool just so I could make a huge bowl of cereal. 10 gallons of milk and 6 boxes of Lucky Charms...

I once got so high then ended up rolling on the floor screaming "Jesus is from Nazareth!"

So stoned and just ordered pizza, feel sorry for the bastard that has to take $36.00 in coins.

One time I got so high that I blew on every single hot Cheeto before I ate it

I was so stoned that I ate $15 worth of Taco Bell in one sitting. If you are familiar with Taco Bell, you realize that is an ungodly amount of food

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