This Epic Timelapse Video Will Make You Want to Eat Mushrooms and Go Outside

by 9 years ago

Vimeo filmographer Dustin Farrell — who's work we're pretty sure we've featured before — recently dropped another HD masterpiece of various landscapes around the wild and wonderful American West. It's the type of video that will make you want to scream around a bon-fire or bark like a coyote through the desert with a head full of peyote or mushrooms or some other type of psychedelic, psychoactive mind-f*ck of a drug. It's just that trippy, brah. Enjoy.

The only thing we can't stand is that soundtrack. Please, please Dustin: On your next video, maybe blast us to another galaxy with some Pretty Lights or Floyd or something truly trippy (as long as it's not a Grateful Dead “Drums” jam, I'm good). Anything but that weird pseudo-neo-orcestral crap. It's horrible!

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