High-Priced Escort Creates Infographic of Her Entire Year of Work, Ate 177 Free Meals, Probably Boned Some Married Men As Well

by 5 years ago


Well, this is one way to spend your time when you’re not “entertaining” clients.

According to the Daily Mail:

A high-class escort has revealed her productivity for 2013 by creating a detailed infographic.

Avery Moore, 29, from New York – who charges clients $2,000 an hour – posted the workflow diagram to her blog last week to illustrate all of her activities over the course of 365 days.

The chart reveals that in total she spent 201 hours on herself in terms of beauty and exercise, boarded 60 flights, traveled to 19 different cities and indulged in 177 free meals.

In total she spent 1,394 hours entertaining those who had shelled out for her services. Her busiest time was between September 30 to October 14, during which she spent 97 hours at work.

Ms Avery recently told Esquire.com that she has been working as an escort for the past three years and around 70 to 80per cent of her clients are married men.

What I can reasonably conclude from this infographic is that she might have gotted fucked on a full stomach 177 times, in 19 different cities and after 29 shows and 22 “mystery events.”  Also, at $2,000 an hour and having spent 1,394 hours with company, this broad should have made almost $2.8mil last year. I’ll be vomiting if you need me.

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