Chart Accurately Shows What Every Guy’s Girlfriend Thinks About His Penis Throughout Their Relationship

by 4 years ago

This is probably more accurate than most dudes are willing to admit. It’s probably backed by scientific data, too. Maybe not real scientific data, but if Family Feud surveyed 100 females in their 20s on the thing they talk the most shit about to their friends after they break up with a guy, 100 out of 100 would say, “his lack of penis size.”

Most girls won’t badmouth a guy’s dick while they’re going strong, but once the wheels come off, so do the gloves. Chicks play by fucking prison rules and they love to demolish dudes who did them wrong by telling the world (see: every girl they know) that their ex-boyfriend lacks endowment. They know the one thing guys care about is other chicks finding out is how average our dicks are.

To be honest, we care about that rumor being spread when we’re younger, because we think it’ll ruin our sex lives in highschool/college. But after guys reach a certain age we hit a comfortable level of acceptance with what the good lord put in our pants. We find peace with our piece and now we’re just like, “Ya, I’m average. And you know what? I may never hit the bottom but I’ll fuck the shit out of the sides.”


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