Experts Break Down Everything Santa Would Need to Actually Deliver Toys to 760 Million Children

by 6 years ago

The biggest thing Santa would need is about 12 MILLION total workers (Or 40 times more than Fed-Ex currently has) but here's what else he would need (if magic wasn't a thing, of course) to do his job according experts from Fed-Ex and UPS who shared their sobering info with NPR:

* 46 international distribution centers, to allow Santa to reload as he crosses the globe. That means 400,000 workers for loading presents onto Santa's sleigh.

* 60,000 workers to develop optimized flight plans and communicate with the FAA, secure flyover rights, etc.

* 7,000 people monitoring demand and tweaking his route in real time.

* 100 meteorologists to make sure Santa doesn't fly into a blizzard.

* 40,000 people to help Santa clear customs.

Source: FedEx
Credit: Lam Thuy Vo and Chana Joffe-Walt/NPR

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