A Former Addict Tells Us Why Everything We Know About Heroin Addiction Is Wrong

by 11 months ago

As someone who has (thankfully) never been addicted to drugs or anything other than maybe golf, it is difficult for me to ever fully understand what real addiction is like. When it comes to heroin or meth or whatever, I have probably believed just about every myth there is about the drug. Perhaps those myths are why I never tried them. Well, that and mugshots from arrested addicts. If those don’t scare you straight then you are a far less vain person than I am.

What I am saying here is that what I know about heroin addiction is basically what I have seen in movies or HBO documentaries. According to Ed, a former addict who is portrayed by a cartoon in the video, everything we think we know about heroin addiction is mostly wrong. Ed, who has been clean for three years now, tries to help us understand the differences between what we have seen on TV versus what is the actual reality for heroin addicts.


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