Ex-Military Bro Matches With NYC Lawyer On Hinge, She Shoots Him Down With Worst Excuse Of All Time


This is, admittedly, one of those situations that I am on the fence about. For one, when it comes to dating, we all have the right to be choosey and go after what we want. If I decided mid-convo, on a dating site, that I couldn’t look past something about a chick, I would bow out. That doesn’t mean I’m a godless monster with no soul. It means I’ve got a LINE IN THE FUCKING SAND and she was over it. That’s on her, not me. I’m still terrific. Plus, in this case, it’s not like this chick in the below conversation went on 20 dates with this guy and then suddenly used this as an excuse. Have to give her credit for not wasting anyone’s time, right?

However … HOWEVER, her excuse is still a pretty goddamn terrible given the circumstances and there was really no reason she couldn’t find a better one. I mean, the guy served our fucking country and you couldn’t let him down in a more polite manner? It’s not like he told her he was an unemployed, high school dropout who’s never done a lick of shit with his life. But that didn’t stop her from really shitting all over this guy’s day.

Per his email:

She’s a high powered lawyer here in NYC, I’m just lowly ex-military bomb tech currently doing full stack web development, but evidently I’m worthless, since I don’t have a bachelor’s, let alone a doctorate; bitch.

See. I told you she ruined his day.