Man With EXTREME Road Rage Tries To Run Over A Group Of Bros With His Truck

Photography isn’t a crime. Trespassing for the perfect selfie, yes. Blocking traffic so you can Snapchat or ‘gram, yes. But the act of snapping a picture in a public space? Not a crime.

This group of Bros in Ramona, California found the perfect spot to take some pics of the one dude’s brand new Audi. The backdrop was perfect. Even though they were on a public road, a neighbor barreled down in his Ford Expedition to start screaming at them about blocking his driveway.

The man is as belligerent as it gets — Clearly these guys were cool with moving when asked. They didn’t cop an attitude until he started freaking out. But he went into full freakout mode, coming within a couple inches of running them over.

There’s not enough chill in the world today. If you’re reading this, don’t be like this guy in the truck — please take a couple of deep breathes and chill out.

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