There’s A ‘Face Sitting’ Porn Protest Going On Right Now In The UK, And It’s EXACTLY What You’d Expect

by 6 years ago

In response to UK regulations outlawing various sexual acts in pornography, there’s currently a massive protest taking place outside of the UK Parliament. This protest ‘face sitting’ protest is EXACTLY what you’d expect a protest about porn & face sitting to be.

It’s just so incredible I’m at a loss for words.

Feminists in the UK sought to rally the masses after regulations kicked in this month banning various sexual acts in porn, one of which is face sitting, another is female ejaculation. Protesters are arguing that these new regulations are unfairly targeting women, and ‘female pleasure’ in general.

So, in response to the new regulations a whole bunch of freaky-deaky folks took to the streets in front of parliament clad in their finest gimp suits to hold a ‘face sitting’ protest. Here are the pics and videos you deserve to see…(pics from Daily Dot & Animal New York):





For more on this protest be sure to check out Animal New York & the Daily Dot


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