Facebook Unveils New Messaging Service, Promises It’s Not an ‘Email Killer’

by 8 years ago

  • It's a “seamless” messaging service that incorporates email, text messaging, instant messaging, and Facebook messaging. It keeps all your conversations with individual friends, friends of friends, and strangers together in one place and seemingly always ongoing and archived.
  • It's the platform for Facebook's new email client, which carries with it @facebook.com email addresses.
  • It's a “social inbox,” which means it filters, sorts, and prioritizes all of your incoming messages by who are your friends, your friends of friends, strangers, and junk.
  • It will eventually, but not yet, support IMAP, which means that right now you can't plug in, say, your Gmail or Yahoo email accounts. But that will come eventually. And Zuckerberg insists that it's not supposed to be an “email killer,” since it will incorporate email. But he does say that over time email will become less and less relevant and that the faster, more informal messaging that Facebook fosters will become more prevalent.
  • It's being rolled out slowly over the course of several months, at first by invite only so they can work out the kinks. You'll probably get it early next year.

I know it's hard to judge a system that you haven't tried, but what do you guys think of it on paper? Do you prefer email to other forms of messaging? Or is this exactly the type of communication that you're accustomed to? Sound Off in the Comments…

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