There’s a Fake BroBible, and Someone Is Tricking the Internet With It

by 7 years ago

Late this morning, we began to notice that a network of people—predominately college and young professional women—were tweeting out a BroBible article that none of us had actually written. It looked to be on our site, though, and it was even written, somewhat, in our bro-y voice. The article was called “Hugh Hefner Says Rape Is Not Bro,” and it summarized Playboy's newest party rankings, which now account for sexual consent.

BROS! BIG NEWS! Playboy just released its 2013 top party school list, and its, uh… real different.

We’ve always felt that there was a major problem in this country: party school rankings are, at their very core, flawed. While a lot of students at these frequently celebrated universities are having a damn good time, there are a lot of students who are having a decidedly not-good time.

Namely your friends and classmates who are getting raped.

If you’re shocked, confused, or pissed off by this proclamation, then a.) you’re probably a douche bag, and b.) don’t ask us, ask Playboy.

That’s right. Ol’ Hef switched up the classic, most notorious party school list in an attempt to forever change what dreamy undergrads mean when they say, “last night was a good time.”


The “BroBible” story linked to similar posts on, the Huffington Post, and UpWorthy, a viral news site. We can even confirm that press releases bearing Playboy email signatures were sent to student newspapers, notably Maryland's Diamondback.

Each item, from the article on our site to Playboy's, touted Playboy's new top-10 party rankings, including this official-looking graphic:

Anyway, the story isn't true. We never wrote that article and, to our knowledge, Playboy hasn't changed its criteria for Party Schools. 

It turns out, in our case at least, that someone has coded a near replica of to create a site called We know they did the job a couple of weeks ago, because the “What's Hot” bar, which tracks our most popular articles over a 24-hour span, is consistent with what was popular in early September. Plus, whoever registered the domain name did so on the 4th of this month. Fake websites were also created for Playboy, Upworthy, and the Huffington Post. Like ours, the URLs are similar enough to not cause a second look.

And today, the person or foundation—who we're attempting to reach out to now—took “BroBibles” viral. (We know that over 100 people are currently reading the Hugh Hefner article.)

So, yeah. We've all been had. Anyone who's been linked to the piece today should know that BroBible isn't originally responsible for it, and neither is Playboy or the Huffington Post—it seems, instead, to be part of a larger viral project aimed at raising the issue of sexual assault on college campuses. If we were to speculate, we'd say it was the doing of someone who studied the Victoria's Secret “Consent is sexy” prank of a year ago. That was when a group called FORCE created fake pro-consent underwear that appeared to be from Victoria's Secret, until VS was forced to deny its involvement.

Even though this is a pretty clear case of brand infringement to our site, Playboy, and the Huffington Post, we'd be remiss not to say that we do agree with the overall messaging, if not the way it was delivered. The world is safe for bros to be feminists too.


From the fake Playboy post:

Every year Playboy releases the ultimate guide to campus life: our infamous party school list. Over the years, it has been brought to our attention that some of our long-standing party picks have a not-so-toastworthy, rape-ridden side to their campus life.

Somewhere in the countless hours we spent tallying up co-eds and scoring beer pong, we lost track of the most essential element of the Playboy lifestyle: sexual pleasure. Rape is kryptonite to sexual pleasure. The two cannot co-exist. For our revised party guide to live up to our founder’s vision, we had to put a new criterion on top. Namely, consent.

In other words… A good college party is all about everyone having a good time. Consent is all about everyone having a good time. Rape is only a good time if you’re a rapist. And fuck those people.

In our new found light, we proudly present to you Playboy’s 2013 Top Ten Party Commandments, the ultimate guide for a consensual good time.

On our investigative consensual tour, we found out that when you don’t have to watch your drink for fear of a mickey or watch your frat brothers gang rape freshmen, it’s actually easier to have a good time and have good sex (DUH!).

Take this list as a guide, not a competition. Rather than tallying up party culture, we are re-inventing it. Today, what we are not toasting to a set of campuses. Rather, we are raising our glass to a new era of better sex and the student visionaries who are ringing it in.

Still don’t get it? Follow these ten party principles and take a few life lessons from Hef.

Here are Playboy’s Top Ten Party Commandments brought to you by sexually enlightened undergrads from across the country who are doin’ it. And doin’ it well.