Fake ‘Homeless’ Panhandler In Richmond, VA Busted As A Scammer In Infuriating Video

by 11 months ago

This woman who has been posing as a homeless individual and panhandling all across the city of Richmond, Virginia was outed as a fraud. The jig was up when a man with a camera walked up to her as she tried to get into her 2014 vehicle. It never seemed to sink in at any point that what she was doing was wrong, that posing as someone actually in need and praying on charitable individuals was something that she shouldn’t do.

After she was confronted by the person filming she walked to the McDonald’s drive-thru in the adult equivalent of a child finding the nearest adult to settle a dispute. Seriously, what in the actual fuck did she think the McDonald’s drive-thru employee was going to do for her? After that, the argument about why posing as a homeless person to steal money from charitable people is wrong and she hit them with “so you think that people have to stand out here because they’re homeless?” The balls on this chick

Her sign said she’s homeless. She then pretends to have a disability. Most likely, she is a person in need but isn’t willing to admit that she’s not legit. You don’t wake up one day and start asking for money on a corner if you don’t genuinely need that money…So I’d bet she is there for a reason, but it appears that we’ll never know the reason because she’s a big ass phony.

What is it about Richmond, VA that brings out the biggest phonies in America? We’ve just seen this woman, and if you remember back a while my colleague did a large exposé on Eric Lannon. If you’re not sure who Eric Lannon is you need to follow that link.


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