Please Stop Sharing That Fake Picture of the Winning Powerball Ticket on Facebook

by 6 years ago

Please stop sharing it. It's totally fake. Daniels is not one of the winners—that would go to this family in Missouri and whoever this guy is in the Maryland gas station. He (poorly) photoshopped the numbers onto a Powerball ticket, which is fairly obvious enough, but this is what really kills any plausibility, courtesy of Gawker's Adrian Chen: Powerball rules dictate that the tickets print the first five numbers in numerical order. Daniels' numbers are not.

Daniels does not have $1 million in lottery winners to give to one of you who shares his photo. He is screwing with you. So please, stop putting this on my newsfeed. That's dedicated to baby pictures of high school classmates' kids.

[H/T: Gawker]

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