These Awful People Are Faking That They’re Handicapped Just To Get Better Parking Spots

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If you’re a con-artist, I’m sure there are MANY places when you can fraudulently throw up a handicap placard on your rearview mirror window and pretend that you are suffering from a disability; The grocery store, Wal-Greens, Home Depot, Wal Mart, etc. It’s a real asshole thing to do, especially since it takes away from people who actually need these types of parking spots for real-life disabilities. But these people in California are absolutely shameless, abusing handicap parking spots before GOING ON A HIKE. You know, using their two legs, no Rascal scooters involved:


South Park

ABC News tagged along for a sting on the people abusing the handicap parking situation at Runyon Canyon in Los Angeles. In the name of all things decent, how much does it make your blood boil?