Father Who Named His Son Adolf Hitler Wears Full Nazi Uniform to Custody Hearing

And I would have bet the house on this guy being from another country, but nope, he's from New Jersey. And he showed up to a U.S. court wearing that.

According to The Smoking Gun:

The New Jersey man who is fighting to regain custody of his young children–one of whom he named Adolf Hitler Campbell–showed up today for a Family Court hearing wearing a full Nazi uniform and a Hitler mustache.

Heath Campbell, founder of the Hitler’s Order hate group, appeared this morning at a Flemington, New Jersey courthouse for a closed hearing on his request for visitation with his youngest child, a two-year-old boy.

In November 2011, the child (and his three siblings) were taken into custody by state welfare officials, who accused Campbell, 40, and his wife of child abuse. Campbell has contended that he never neglected his children, claiming that they were seized by the state solely due to the their names (one of his daughters is JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell).

When asked if wearing the Nazi uniform would hurt him in the eyes of the Family Court judge, Campbell told a TV reporter, “Well, if they’re good judges, and they’re good people, they’ll look within and not what’s on the outside.”

HAHAHAHAHAHA. What — OH, WHAT? — could possibly be on the inside of this man that is any different from his anti-Semetic facade? For Christ's sake he gave his daughter “Aryan Nation” as a middle name!

In other news, the Hitler Beat is thriving these days. If this keeps up, we might need to hire a full-time reporter to cover all the stories.