DAD JUSTICE! Enraged Father Destroys His Daughter’s Audi A4 With A Bulldozer After Finding Her In The Car With A Boy

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ATTENTION all high school bros in and around the Hiawassee, Georgia area: please, under no circumstance, should you get involved with Mike Card’s daughter, unless you have a death wish.

After finding his daughter in her Audi A4 with a boy, the dude went fucking ballistic–destroying the customized vehicle with a small bulldozer.

The below video of the destruction has gone super viral and for good reason–there’s a twisted beauty in watching a perfectly good machine get mutilated by a father who likely could have got the same message across by skeet shooting her cell phone.

To add another layer of insanity to the story, the car wasn’t even owned by Mike Card’s daughter. It was owned by his son, Kaylor, who uploaded the video to Facebook accompanied with the caption: “Yep! When a dad has to prove a point! #DADDYNOTHAPPY.” Pretty cavalier about his car just getting annihilated for someone else’s mistake, no? Pops must have promised him a newer model.

Torn to pieces.

Some may call him crazy, but maybe Mike Card viewed this as a $15,000 investment. Now he can sleep soundly knowing full well that his daughter will never, ever step out of line. Fifteen grand for everlasting peace of mind doesn’t seem that batshit crazy after all.




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