These Female NYPD Officers Are In Trouble For Posting Hot Selfies While Wearing Their Uniforms On Instagram

by 4 years ago

Several female NYPD officers just learned that posting selfies online is fine so long as the selfies you’re posting online are not of you in your department-issued uniform. We have similar rules here; we can’t post hot selfies wearing our sweatpants and stained t-shirts. Rules are rules, ya know?

According to the NY Daily News:

What’s got police brass seeing red isn’t that they are flaunting their assets, it’s that they are turning up the heat on sites like “blueline_beauties” while wearing NYPD uniforms — an apparent violation of Police Department regulations, the sources told the Daily News.

“Members of the Police Department are prohibited from posting photographs of themselves in uniform without the prior authorization,” an NYPD spokesman said. “This does not include photographs taken during official department ceremonies.”

The rules, the spokesman said, are “intended to protect officers from divulging identifying information on social media sites that may endanger officer safety.”

“Members of the service found to be in violation of the order may be subject to disciplinary action,” the spokesman said.

What do you think? Are these photos out of bounds?