Would You Stand Under Water, Completely Unprotected, And Let Someone Fire A High-Powered Gun At You? This Guy Did.

by 4 years ago


Under no circumstances do I want to have a gun fired directly at my person. It doesn’t matter to me if the environment is controlled by science facts or a bullet proof substance, I am not volunteering myself for that shit. But physicist Andreas Wahl isn’t me and as such, he thought it would be a cool idea to see if he could survive having a gun shot at him while both were under water.

Since the video below is still on YouTube, you can probably go ahead and guess that he survived, but its not for a lack of trying by the bullet. That little fucker wanted to take his life so bad. It just didn’t have the necessary means to do it. Tough break, bullet.

According to the description, the reason the gun failed at its mission is because, “it’s harder to create movement in water than in air, because water molecules are closer together than air molecules.” Oh, sure. That is why everyone who tries to run in water looks like a jackass but, you know, most of us don’t need to fire guns at ourselves to draw that “shit doesn’t travel that well in water” conclusion.