This Fireworks In Cereal Prank Is An Ingenious Way To Screw With Your Friends OR Blow Their Face Off, Your Choice

Normally I’d warn you all to never try this at home, but I’m just an anonymous voice on the Internet – why would you listen to me? For all you know I’m only warning you so I can keep all the fireworks and cereal to myself because I’m a fun-stealer who hates seeing other people having fun. If that’s the case then your only option is to stuff as many fireworks as you can realistically fit into a bowl, give said bowl to a friend and then wait for them to explode.

Never mind the likely possibility that you’ll blow off his face, hands and a good chunk of his chest plate – it’s a prank! HAR HAR. If your friend can’t take a good joke then are the two of you really friends? I think not.