The First Round Rolls On, Plus the Finale of ‘Archer’

by 9 years ago

[inline:aRCHER]If you're as addicted to the Big Dance as we are, it's absolutely ludicrous to ask you to switch from CBS to FX this evening in order to catch the season finale of a cartoon. We hear you loud and clear: “No. Fucking. Way.”

However, we've been preaching the animated gospel of “Archer” since we first interviewed the show's creator, Adam Reed, back in January, when it was just a microscopic blip on our radar. In case you're out of the loop, Sterling Archer is a debonair, boozy secret agent (and former prep school laxer) who bangs lots of ladies and rattles off suggestive, wise-cracking one-liners while kicking bad-guy ass.

If San Diego vs. Tennessee or any of the 9 o'clock games go into overtime (which is a very real possibility, considering the rest of the day's events), you're probably not going to want to switch over. We completely understand. However, if the college hoop games wrap up before 11, you'll be able to catch an encore performance of Archer's season finale. You can always catch it on Hulu and On-Demand in about a week or the re-run on Sunday night. Fortunately, we hear FX is bringing the show back for a second season, and we'll continue to plug it hard so hopefully it won't be as ill-fated as other short-lived gems such as “Arrested Development” and “Freaks and Geeks.” A promo for tonight's episode is after the jump.

Tonight's NCAA Tournament on CBS and March Madness On Demand:

7:10 p.m.: (9) Northern Iowa vs. (8) UNLV

7:15 p.m.: (16) East Tennessee State vs. (1) Kentucky

7:20 p.m.: (11) Washington vs. (6) Marquette

7:25 p.m.: (14) Ohio vs. (3) Georgetown

9:30 p.m.: (16) Lehigh vs. (1) Kansas

9:35 p.m.: (9) Wake Forest vs. (8) Texas

9:40 p.m.: (14) Montana vs. (3) New Mexico

9:45 p.m.: (11) San Diego State vs. (6) Tennessee

The rest of tonight's lineup, and the “Archer” preview, is after the jump.

Here's what else is on tonight:

8 p.m.: “FlashForward” (ABC); “Community” (NBC); NBA: Magic vs. Heat (TNT)

8:30 p.m.: “Parks and Recreation” (NBC)

9 p.m.: “The Office” (NBC) “Fringe” (FOX)

9:30 p.m.: “30 Rock” (NBC)

10 p.m.: “Important Things with Demetri Martin” (Comedy); “Burn Notice” (USA); “The Mentalist” (CBS); “Archer” (FX); “The Marriage Ref” (NBC)

10:30 p.m.: “The Sarah Silverman Program” (Comedy); NBA: Hornets vs. Nuggets (TNT)

Here's tonight's late-night lineup: Daily Show: Gary Locke Colbert Report: Gary Locke Letterman: Tracy Morgan, Jamie McMurray, Fanfarlo Leno: Janet Jackson, Clark Duke, Orianthi Kimmel: Anne Hathaway, Jesse Williams, chef Tom Colicchio Ferguson: 50 Cent, Adrianne Palicki Fallon: Lucy Liu, Gene Simmons, Universal Record Database